How do I back up my iphone

How do I back up my iphone?

It is so important in the digital world we all live in now to make sure your data is secure and safe

One way to make sure is to regularly back up your iphone using the available tools we have.

Icloud is Apple's cloud based storage system, it is free up to 5GB but as more and more data, media and info is stored on smartphones 5GB will not stretch very far.

Apple offer 50gb, 200GB and 2TB for 79p, £2.49 and £6.99 respectively which is very reasonable for a lot of storage to back up your iphone.

How to perform the backup

1. Go to Settings on your iphone as per Fig 1

2. Tap your name at the top to bring up your account as per Fig 2

3. Tap icloud as per FIG 3

4. Scroll down and tap icloud backup as per FIG 4

5. Click Backup now as per Fig 5 and you are done

6. We recommend auto backups as per Fig 6 in order to automate your Backups.

This will also work on any ipad, ipod and model of iphone you wish to back up.

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