How do I change a UK electrical socket

How do I change a UK electrical socket

Carrying out electrical work in your house is very dangerous and must only be attempted by a competent individual,

Your can change your sockets to update your home or put some USB ports into the socket, which is what we have done in our video.

Learning this life skill is really important if you want to make home improvements without spending a fortune on tradesmen, also if you buy property and do it up to sell or rent out it can be invaluable.

Instructions on how to change a socket

1. First of all and the most important step is to turn of your electricity from the consumer unit.

2. Test your socket is off

3. Unscrew the faceplate on your socket and remove.

4. Test your wires with a voltage tester before you go any further, test and test again to be sure, if you aren't sure STOP and call a qualified electrician.

5. Unscrew each terminal and remove each wire and remove socket.

6. You will now be able to see which wiring your property has

pre 1999 wiring will be Red (LIVE) Black (Neutral) and Green and Yellow (Earth)

Post 1999 Wiring will be Brown (Live) Blue (Neutral) and Greena nd Yellow (Earth)

7. Grab your new socket and place the wires into the correct terminals marked on the back of the socket.

8. Push back in and screw the faceplate back on to the back box

9. Turn your electricity on at the consumer unit and test your socket

Remember if you are unsure at any time during this process, discontinue and call in a professional.

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