How do I change a fuse

How do I change a fuse?

When an appliance or extension lead stops working, the first thing you should check is whether the fuse has blown.

A fuse essentially breaks the circuit if a fault causes too much current to flow, it protects the wires and prevents electrical faults which could lead to fires so they are a very important part of life used in all appliances

Every appliance or extension lead has a different amp rated fuse and you need to make sure you replace the same rated one.

Changing a fuse is so simple and once you have learned this life skill you wont forget it as its that easy.

Instructions on how to change a fuse

1. Grab your plug

2. Unscrew the back and remove the back of the plug

3. Pop out your old fuse and discard

4. Pop in the new fuse (same rating)

5. Screw your cover back on.

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