How do I clean my hairbrushes

How do I clean my hairbrushes?

Hairbrushes are build to last an average of 3 to 5 years but without proper care your looking at them lasting only 6 months before you have to replace. them.

When you brush your hair, all of the oils, bacteria, gunk you brush out adds to the brush and can quickly build up and will end up being combed back into your hair if not cleaned properly, using our life skill in our video your hairbrushes will last a lot longer and your hair will feel much fresher and clean after using your clean brushes.

Instructions on how to clean your hairbrushes

1. Grab all of your dirty brushes together

2. Using a small pair of scissors cut the hair up and down the brush in a criss cross way.

3. Pull all of the hair out.

.4. Pour a capful of your favorite Zoflora and pour it into a sinkful of warm water.

5. Pop your brushes into the water and leave for a few hours to soak

6. Pull your hairbrushes out of the water and leave to air dry for a few hours

7. Enjoy your like new brushes

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