How do I cook an omelette

How to cook a tasty omelette

An omelette is a staple for a healthy diet and learning how to cook one will be an invaluable life skill for any busy parent or professional looking for a quick breakfast,lunch or dinner for you or the kids.

Essentially an omelette is a mixture of beaten eggs, milk and seasoning cooked quickly in one pan, there are two different types of omelette that you can make;

1. American or browned omelette is this type of omelette is the easiest and the one demonstrated in our video, its characteristics are that is has some browning from the cooking process on the omelette and is cooked fairly well inside.

2. French or white omelette is a type of omelette which takes some technical know how, it involves cooking the omelette and moving around in the pan all of the time so the omelette doesn't colour and remains white.

Both are delicious, we haven't added any fillings to our omelette however fee free to experiment at home.

Instructions on how to cook an omelette below

Instructions on how to make an omelette


1. 3 eggs

2. Salt and Pepper

3. Milk

4. Butter

5. Oil


1. Crack your eggs into a bowl

2. Season well with salt and pepper

3. Add some milk to the eggs and mix well.

3. Add some butter and a small amount of oil to your pan and melt the butter into the oil on a medium heat.

4. Add your eggs to the pan and cook folding up each corner and letting the mixture fill up.

5. Once nicely brown and cooked, fold your omelette in half.

6. Serve and Enjoy

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