How do I make the perfect boiled egg

How do I make the perfect boiled egg?

Boiled eggs are great for eating at breakfast lunch or dinner, they go with a whole host of foods from steak to salad and can be eaten simply with toast for breakfast.

Eggs are a fantastic source of iodine, protein and vitamins and are really natural, boiling in the shell is one of the healthiest ways to eat an egg.

We have tried an tested a lot of eggs at different times and weights, and the clear winner for us is a 50 gram egg cooked at a rolling boil for 5 minutes and 4 seconds. If you go a few seconds more or less that wont make too much of a difference, also don't worry about weighing the egg also, if you buy medium eggs they will likely be weighed at 50 to 60 g  if you buy large just cook for another 10 seconds.

Instructions on how to make the perfect boiled egg

1. fill and boil your kettle (for speed)

2. Pour your water into your pan, and bring to the boil. (be careful as boiling water is extremely dangerous and can cause scalding)

3. Start you timer and pop your egg in the water and cook for 5 minutes and 4 seconds for a 50g egg

4. Lift out and dry on a paper towel

5. Serve, crack, dunk and enjoy with tea and toast.

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