How do I make the perfect cheese on toast

How do I make the perfect cheese on toast?

Cheese on toast is the ultimate quick and easy comfort food, and when you crave it you want to make sure you make it right.

You will be glad to know that making the perfect cheese on toast is easy as long as you follow the steps in our video.

Instructions on how to make the perfect cheese on toast


1. You will need three types of cheese;

- Cheddar cheese for the amazing flavour and melting properties we all know and love, it isn't the most famous cheese in the world for nothing.

- Mozzarella cheese for the subtle flavour and amazing texture and stringy-ness.

- Red Leicester for its amazing flavour and superb colour

Make sure the cheese is all grated

2. White Bread

3. Franks Red Hot Sauce

4. Salt and Pepper


1. Toast your bread until light brown.

2. Preheat your grill to high

3. Butter your toast

4. Place your 3 grated cheeses on top, make sure you put lots on as it will reduce when melting

5. Season the cheese with salt and pepper and put on some Franks Red Hot Sauce for flavour

6. Pop under the grill, make sure you place as far away from the heat as you can, on the bottom of the grill is perfect, that way the toast will not burn and the heat will be evenly distributed.

7. Keep your eye on the cheese on toast and check regularly

8. Take out once the cheese is bubbling and his lovely brown spots all over.

9. Serve and Enjoy.

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