How do I make the perfect cup of coffee

How do I make the Perfect cup of coffee?

Coffee is a morning staple to get you going in the morning, with prices in national coffee shops being so expensive, our video will teach you how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home.

to make our perfect coffee you will need, a good coffee, we have used Douwe Egberts medium roast, milk, a cup and a milk frother.

Instructions to make the perfect cup of coffee

1. Put the Kettle on, we use a Brita filtered kettle to make sure the water is perfectly filtered.

2. whilst the kettle is boiling pour a good amount of milk in your cup.

3. Put your milk in the microwave and warm, make sure you do not burn as it will develop a skin.

4. Take your milk frother and froth the milk

5. Add one and a half teaspoons of coffee and stir well

6. Froth again

7. Pour in the hot water from the kettle and stir well, add sugar if you wish.

6. Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee 

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