How do I prepare a banana for my baby to eat

How do I prepare a banana for my baby to eat?

When babies start to eat solid foods from around 6 months of ages, it is important to offer them healthy foods that have different textures and the baby can hold and eventually feed themselves.

Bananas are amazing for babies as they contain a lots of nutrients are tasty and can be prepared like in our video to make them easy for babies to eat.

Bananas contain potassium, iron, fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, natural sugars, protein and carbs making them a real all rounder and a must for a babies healthy balanced diet.

How to prepare the banana

1. Peel your banana

2. Cut the banana to a finger length, if its an average size, down the middle of the banana will do.

3. Stand up the banana and push your finger through the tip

4. The banana will naturally split into 3 pieces perfect for your baby to hold and eat

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