How do I prepare for a baby

How do I prepare for a baby?

One of the most stressful, exciting and busy times in life is preparing to have your baby,

Our video below gives some great tips and tricks on how to prepare for your baby including some hacks and some simple tips. 

We recommend to carry in your baby bag;

1. Nappy Sacks placed in nappies so wherever you are you can always change your baby and have somewhere to dispose of the waste.

2. Baby Wipes are a must, if this is your first baby you will not know how you have lived so long without them

3. Thermometers, a must for easy recognising your baby temperature

4. Sugar free baby liquid paracetamol, especially for when your baby is teething or your baby has their injections.

5. Cotton Buds, you can also buy baby safe safety buds which are a bit larger

6. Various baby safe Teething relief such a, check out our page on how to sooth my teething baby for more information on this.

7. Various baby safe creams such as Vaseline, sudocrem etc

8. Dummy and soothers

9. Tommee Tippee baby kit including, nail clipper, soft baby hair brush and comb, baby nail file, baby thermometer and baby nasal aspirator which is a must.

10.Buy yourself multiple caddies for your baby items, fill and check daily, place them all over the house so you always have  the things you need.

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