How do I remove pet hair from carpets

How do I remove pet hair from carpets?

Any person who owns a fluffy pet will know the struggle of keeping the pet hair at bay, countless lint rollers and mod cons are bought to try and keep it at bay. Sometimes there's no point in even owning an item of black clothing as it will get covered as soon as you put it on. 

Carpets don't come cheap therefore we all need to look after them, they are built for walking on however so you can be a bit more thorough when cleaning than other fabrics, our way does not rely on any harsh chemicals just some old fashioned elbow grease.

Instructions how to remove pet hair from carpets

1. Grab a window squeegee and your vacuum cleaner

2. Vacuum your carpet

3. Start at one end with the squeegee and and work your way to the other and make sure you get in all corners.

4. The Pet hair will come together in clumps, all you need to do is pick it or vacuum.

5. We recommend shake and vac or neutradol before vacuuming again to then make it smell amazing.

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