How do I send an email

How do I send an email?

 Life skills involving the internet are so useful in today’s society especially with us all dealing with the coronavirus and sending an email is one of the most important.

An email can be sent and can drop into the recipients mailbox no matter where they are in the world in a matter of seconds compared to using postage and best of all its all included with the cost of your internet.

This ‘howdoi’ guiide will show you how to send an email from a desktop using gmail.

For this video you will require

 -          A PC or Laptop

-          A mail account i.e. gmail, yahoo, outlook

Step 1 - Sign into your provider

 The best way to do this is to go to and click on the top right symbol where it says gmail as below, enter your email address and password when prompted.

If you do not have an account, you can make one at this point by clicking add another account at the top left.

 Step 2 – familiarise yourself with the interface

 Once signed in you will be taken to the gmail landing page and you will see any emails you have received on the right hand side and your folders on the left, it is a good idea to explore the features of your provider at this point

 Step 3 – Composing your  the email

 Click compose (highlighted in yellow) in fig 3 and you will see the image in fig 4

Type your recipients email address in the bar next to the word to as highlighted in fig 5 and a subject underneath.

 Type your email as highlighted in fig 6

If you wish to add an attachment, press the button highlighted in fig 7

 Step 3 – Sending the email

 Once you have finished you then press the blue button in the bottom left hand corner.

 Step 4 – Final Check

Check your email has sent by looking in your sent items and thats how to send an email.


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