How do I soothe my baby when teething

Teething for most babies happens between 6 - 10 months, your baby can start teething way before or after and it can be that the tooth doesn't actually drop until the baby has experienced the pain for a while.

You will notice the most common tooth the appear first is the bottom middles, then the top middles.

Teething is such a hard time for baby and parents as often your baby's personality changes and the routine that you have worked with your baby to build us suddenly changes.

It is common for the below to happen;

1. Sleep Disruption, your baby may not settle or wake up more often

2. Gums become sore, swollen and red, the gum may be white where the tooth is coming from as a tell-tale sign.

3. Flushed cheeks

4. Excessive Dribbling

5. Chewing on toys and hands and mum and dads hands

6 Differing mood swings

7. Increased crying.

It is important to recognise the symptoms so that you can soothe your baby when teething to help your baby feel better and to make your life easier and our video will give you some knowledge on how to prepare for this.

Teething essentials

1. Ashton and Parsons teething gel and sachets

2. Infant Paracetamol

3. Teething toys and mitts

4. Pacifiers

5. Teething necklaces

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