How do I transform my kitchen on a budget

Amazing transformation that you can do yourself

How to transform your kitchen on a budget

In tough times such as lockdown due to COVID 19 it is important to be as thrifty as possible and that means saving money where you can.

At the start of lockdown our kitchen was looking dated and needed a refresh but with no workmen available due to the pandemic we wanted to make it a project and we are happy to share it with you, all of the materials and costs are described below.

1First of all the base cupboards and integrated fridge came out of the back of the kitchen, it was quite a mess behind there with an exposed wire and some work to be done to the walls. The wire was placed behind the wall by cutting into the plasterboard with a jab saw and filling the holes with some powder filler. The tiles were removed. with a chisel, hammer and pry bar.

The Skirting boards were removed around the perimeter of the kitchen using a pry bar and a hammer, We found the nails to be quite large so used a metal cutting ,multi tool blade to cut through the nails and remove them.

We used a wallpaper steamer to remove the wallpaper, it had some layers underneath so took a few days to completely remove.

The wallpaper was then plastered and painted white which already made a huge difference. to the look and feel of the kitchen, the kitchen felt brighter already.

Where the base cabinet and fridge had been hadn't been tiled so self levelling compound was mixed and poured to bring the floor level, it wasn't going to be the plan to remove the tiles.

The kitchen ceiling was then painted white to match the walls and new ceiling lights were installed.

The melamine was stripped off the cupboard doors using a hot air gun and painted white, this made the kitchen look really bright and actually bigger.

A Stainless Steel Splashback was fitted behind the cooker to give a modern look to the kitchen in line with our grey and white theme.

The new wallpaper was put up which took a few days as the kitchen is fairly large.

The kitchen worktops were then covered in DC Fix vinyl covering which is fairly easy to do at home.

The Electric spotlights above the cupboards were a bit of a mess they were halogen spotlights being powered by transformers. The spotlights were re-wired into the mains and converted to LED for energy saving purposes.

The Electric Sockets were changed from white to silver with the addition of USB ports to charge any equipment conveniently.

White blinds were installed to finish the windows nicely

The downstairs toilet was wallpapered, a cabinet was installed and pipe boxing was made from MDF to make it look fresh, the ceiling was plastered and coving was installed then a new silver ceiling rose was fitted and a grey lightshade finishing the look.

Vinyl flooring was installed over the tiles to keep costs down this took a couple of days, but the finish looks great.

Higher skirting boards were fitted to cover the existing pipework that was stuck onto them.

The base cabinets from the start were kept and some MDF was cut to build a kitchen island, it was then painted white and a desktop from Ikea was placed on top and wrapped again in DC fix to match the worktops and white and silver barstools were placed underneath the new kitchen island.

An American fridge freezer was installed where the old worktop used to be and a microwave storage cabinet next to it for more storage.


White 10l Supermatt Emulsion from £18

Self Levelling Compound, from (2 tubs) - £36

Spotlights x 8 - £23.92

Stainless Steel Splashback from ebay - £30

DC Fix carrara grey -from £35.11

Vinyl flooring from - £210.29

American Fridge Freezer from - £649.99

White and silver Barstools x2 £42

Wallpaper from - £62.90

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