How do I use a perfect prep machine

How do I use a perfect prep machine?

The tommee tippee perfect prep is an absolutely essential item when you have a newborn at home as it gives you the ability to have bottle made in under 2 minutes, at the perfect temperature for your baby. No more boiling the kettle and waiting for the water to cool the perfect prep does it all.

The perfect prep is so easy to use instructions below;

1. Fill up the Perfect Prep machine with cold water

2. Place a sterilised tommee tippee bottle underneath the dispenser

3. pick the volume of the bottle on the settings around the middle button

4. Press the middle button and it fill the bottle with a hot shot of water.

5. remove your bottle and add your formula, add a lid to the bottle and shake well

6. Place the bottle back under the dispenser and press the middle button again.

7. Once finished place on the teat and shake, the bottle is ready for your baby.

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