How do i make gravy? 

Gravy is really easy to make and is so much better tasting than buying from the supermarket. 

All it takes is roasting juices from your meat, flour, veg stock and seasoning and voila thats how to make gravy.

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Making Gravy from scratch



·         Roasting Juices from any meat (this recipe works perfectly with chicken, lamb, beef and pork.

·         Any type of flour

·         Vegetable stock (Carrot water is always best as it gives the gravy a great base flavour

·         Beef OXO cube

·         Salt and Pepper



1.      Pour your roasting juices into a pan, make sure the pan is large enough to make the amount of gravy you are catering for.

2.      Place on a low heat and add a couple of spoon/fork full of flour.

3.      Stir in the flour to the roasting juices

4.      Once the flour is cooked out a bit, say 30/40 seconds pour in your vegetable stock.

5.      Stir in and the flour will start to ticken the gravy

6.      Crumble in a beef OXO cube

7.      Leave mixture on a low heat to reduce and thicken

8.      Season to taste

9.      Serve

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