DIY Vehicle and Maintenance

Welcome to the DIY, Vehicle and Maintenance page

 This page is designed for all of you who like to Do it Yourself and will teach you important DIY and life skills. As the world deals with the implications of the Coronavirus Pandemic more people are spending time at home and doing jobs, vehicle maintenance and DIY. With most of us having to cope with the rising cost of living and there being less money about due to the pandemic it is so important to enable yourself to learn how to do that DIY and fix your car at home easily and feel that sense of satisfaction,  you will find the best life skills, life hacks, tips and tricks to make your house and car look its best and learn life skills that will stay with you forever, you may even impress your other half. We have it all from how to transform your kitchen on a budget and how to build garage shelving to instructions on how to change a car or a bike tyre.

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How do I knock through a supporting wall

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How do I change a bike tyre

How do I change a bike tyre

How do I change a car tyre

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