How do I clean and tidy my bedroom

Clean, tidy and fresh

How to clean and tidy your bedroom.

The upkeep of a house is a daily struggle for most people especially people with pets and children to look after. It is important to keep your house clean and tidy not just for hygiene reasons but wen your house is tidier, you feel more organised in general and cleaning your bedroom often and sleeping in a clean bedroom promotes a better sleep. It is important not to let it build up into an overwhelming task as this lead to to procrastination, our video will give you some tips and tricks how to keep your bedroom tidy and it can become a daily thing.

Instructions how to clean and tidy your bedroom

1. Firstly we encourage you to gather all of the dirty washing in your bedroom and throw it in the washing basket

2. Make your bed nicely, you will appreciate it when you come to get into bed that night. We all know the saying, if you want to change the world start by making your bed.

3. If you have pets give your bed a good hoover or use a lint remover/ hair remover.

4. Gather the scatter cushions that take up permanent residence on your bedroom floor and place them neatly on your bed.

5. Freshen up your bedding and cushions with fabric spray such as Febreze all over.

6. Find a space for everything that hasn't got a home in your bedroom, such as the stuff on your bedside table, if needed clear your drawers, you will appreciate this later.

7. Do a sweep of the bedroom floor and grab all rubbish and put in the bin.

8. Put all of your shoes away where they should go.

9. Any wires from extension leads and chargers laying on the bedroom floor can usually be hidden behind your bed.

10. Put any clean washing laying about in your bedroom away, if you don't do this it is likely to need to be washed again if you have pets.

11. Wipe down all surfaces in your bedroom with anti bacterial wipes including all of your lamps and remotes.

12. Finish all of your bedroom surfaces with polish, they will look really shiny.

13. Do a quick vacuum of your bedroom carpet or hard floor.

14. Spray some carpet freshener on your bedroom carpet.

15. Finally light a wax melt or candle and make your bedroom smell amazing.

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