How do I clean my silver jewellery

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How to clean your silver jewellery

Our more precious pieces of jewellery if not worn all of the time just don't look the same as they used to when you first got the jewellery. Silver is likely to tarnish easily if not looked after properly, you will find that oxidisation and rubbing against other pieces will tarnish. It is important before even cleaning them. using our guide that they are stored properly on their own preferably in the box they came in. If you do wear them often it is really likely that your jewellery will rub against other pieces, against materials, walls and the biggest annoyance oxidisation, our guide will get your jewellery sparkling again.

Instructions how to clean your silver jewellery

You will need

1. Tin Foil

2. Boiling water from the kettle

3. Bicarbonate of Soda

4. A medium sized bowl


1. Line a bowl with tin foil, make sure the shiny side is up.

2. Pop your jewellery in

3. Add 2 tablespoons of Bicarbonate of soda to the jewellery, ensure it covers all of the jewellery.

4. Boil your water and pour over your jewellery, you will hear the fizz, make sure it covers all of jewellery again.

5. Leave in until you see it cleaning, once you are happy with the result, remove and dry your jewellery well.

6. if really tarnished, you may want to soak the jewellery in bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar first.

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