How do I cook a delicious steak

How do I cook a delicious steak?

We often think of Steak as a luxury meal when dining out, in reality this doesn't have to be the case, you can get an amazing cut of steak from your local butchers for probably a third of the price you will pay in a restaurant, our video will teach you how to cook it perfectly, recipe underneath the video.

There are different cuts of steak you want to be aware of when choosing which one you want to cook;

1. Fillet Steak, the most expensive cut on this list, cut from the tenderloin this steak is premium, it has a lot less fat than other cuts and is best served rare or around 45 - 55 degrees c, you do not want to over cook this steak.

2. Ribeye Steak, Our personal favourite and the steak used in our video. This cut has a great marbling of fat throughout the steak and delivers an amazing juicy flavour. This Steak is best cooked medium rare or medium or around 55 - 62 degrees C.

3. Sirloin Steak is another great cut of Steak and is defined by a strip of fat down one side of the steak, we prefer a sirloin cooked medium however we do feel that a sirloin steak can also be cooked medium to well, for those who do not like pink steak, and still be great so anywhere between 60 and 68 degrees C.

4.T-Bone Steak a really great cut of meat defined by the T shaped bone from the top and running down the centre and is one for a good appetite given the size. This steak is half sirloin half fillet and is usually quite expensive. We wouldn't say there is a preferred way to cook this steak due to the two cuts so go medium rare 55 - 62 degrees C.

There are other cuts of steak but these are really the pick of the bunch for cooking at home.

Recipe  - How to cook the perfect Steak


1. A Steak of your choice, use the guide above to choose.

2. 2 cloves of Garlic

3. A few sticks of Rosemary

4. A griddle pan

5. Salt and Pepper

6. Steak Seasoning

7. Oil of your choice.


1. Grab a Board and Season well with Salt, Pepper and any Steak seasoning

2. Oil your board, we like to use Sesame oil due to its great flavour however olive, rapeseed and sunflower are ok, just make sure the oil is suitable for burning at a high temperature, Extra Virgin oil is not suitable.

3. Place your steak on the board and season the top, add rosemary for an amazing flavour, unfortunately we didn't have any for our video.

4.Turn it over and rub in the oil from the other side.

5.Place your griddle pan on a high heat until smoking and place your steak into the pan away from you to stop any fat splashing, you don't need to oil your pan as your have oiled your steak,

6. Turn over once coloured nicely.

7. Add a good chunk of butter, garlic and rosemary and turn the heat down.

8. Baste the steak well and watch it sizzle on top.

9 Turn horizontally and continue to baste.

10. At this point if you wish to cook your steak well done you can place in the oven.

11. Place on a clean board and pour your cooking juices on top and leave to rest for 5 minutes.

12. Check the temperature with a meat thermometer.

13. Serve and enjoy your perfect steak.

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