How do I kill germs and sanitize my house?

How do I kill germs and sanitize my house?

We are living through unprecedented times, with COVID-19 around we all need to do our bit to keep our home hygiene levels the best they can be. to stop the spread of infection and get through this together.

With some studies finding that the COVID-19 virus can stay on surfaces for even 11 days, we need to make sure we eliminated this as quickly as possible. Essentially the virus is wrapped in a protective protein and that that's the key to eliminating it as once its protection has been removed it has nothing to protect it against cleaning agents, think of your favourite video games such as Sonic when you lose all of your rings.

Our video will give you some handy hints and tips on how to kill those germs and keep your house sanitized.

Instructions how to kill germs and sanitize your house.

1. Use hand sanitizer regularly

2.Spray Anti-bacterial spray all around your home and change your cloth regularly

3. Clean your light switches, door handles inside and out, door mats, remote controls, Toilet flushers, bannisters, phone, pet or baby gates, sofas, rugs, keys

4. Use Anti-Bacterial wipes for your convenience.

4. Bleach all hard floors

5. Wash your hands

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