How Do i make a cup of tea

How to make a good cup of Yorkshire Tea

The question how to make a cup of tea is such a varied one as there is no perfect way due to different tastes and preferences throughout the world, some people enjoy their tea with milk, some people have sugar in their tea and some people like their tea black or with a slice of lemon.

The most popular way of enjoying tea in the UK is a good old fashioned Builders brew. Tea such as Tetley, Yorkshire, PG Tips infused with water and with the addition of milk and a bit of sugar, we have formed our instructions on this way. remember to leave the tea bag in for long enough, you don't want to be drinking dishwater and you also don't want to put your milk in first, yuck!

Tea is actually the most consumed beverage after water in the world and comes in so many different varieties, Assam, Earl Grey, Breakfast. the list goes on. and on. and can go with any meal but most popular as a breakfast drink.

Did you know a cup of tea actually contains more caffeine than a cup of coffee, which will set you up for a good day is having it at breakfast time.

We have used our favourite, Yorkshire Tea, which is a blended tea sold in the UK market in our video below.

Instructions how to make a good cup of tea,

1. Put the Kettle on, we use a Brita filtered kettle to make sure the water is perfectly filtered.

2. Once Kettle is boiled place a tea bag of your choice in the cup and pour over the water

3. Stir well and leave for a good 3-5 minutes for the tea bag and water to infuse to your taste

4 take your tea bag out of the water and squeeze gently (watch out it may be hot)

5. Pour in your milk to your desired tea colour and sugar if required

6. Put your feet up and enjoy your cup of team with a nice Rich Tea biscuit or a nice hobnob.

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