How do I make my drains smell better

So how do you make your drains smell better, find out below.

There is nothing worse than pongy drains in your kitchen, its usually as a result of a build-up of waste in your pipes below the sink causing the bad smell fortunately there are a few tips in our video to help you to make your drains smell better.


1. Make sure your sink area is nice and clean

2. Get hold of some white vinegar, some Bicarbonate of Soda and some Zoflora

3. Pour a decent handful of Bicarbonate of Soda down your plug directly into the drain.

4.Repeat for both sides if you have a two way sink and drain.

5. Spray or pour the vinegar down the sink and watch the fizz, leave for a couple of minutes.

6.Boil your kettle and grab your favourite Zoflora fragrance

7.Pour a capful of Zoflora down the sink and into the drain, again leave for a couple of minutes.

8. Pour your boiling water down the drain and wait for the amazing smell to rise.

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