How do I make my house smell amazing

How do I make my House smell amazing?

We all know how hard it is to keep your house smelling amazing when living such a busy life.

Pets can leave awful smelling odours around your house and these can be difficult to get rid of

Children and general spillages will affect your fabrics also leaving lingering odours.

Our life hacks in the video and below will help to keep your house smelling amazing.

1.Air the house out by opening your windows, make sure you keep your house secure however. it is important for fresh air to circulate through your house to eliminate odours.

2.Wax melts are amazing just half an hour of a nice wax melt will make your house smell amazing, we especially love the cuddle up wax melt from Asda.

3. Any brand of Plug in works really quickly to make your house smell amazing.

4. Carpet deodorizer such as Neutradol will freshen up your carpets once hoovered also antibacterial

5. Febreze is amazing for removing any odours in fabric.

6.Carpet freshener such as 1001 is amazing for keeping your carpets smelling amazing.

7.Buy a good floor cleaner to mop with, we love Flash Natural French Soap

8.Enjoy your amazing smelling home

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