How do I remove marks from my iron

How to remove marks from an iron

Don't you just hate it when your iron gets dirty, burnt or becomes black, it happens from time to time when the fibres in our clothing or fabrics stick to the irons hot plate when it gets too hot, the black can stick to our nice white clothes and ruin them.

Our video will teach you how you will be able to remove the stains on your iron so your iron will be as good as new again.

Instructions on how to clean your iron

You will need paracetamol tablets, not capsules and an old cloth or some kitchen towels

1. Turn on your iron on the lowest setting

2. Grab your paracetamol tablet and carefully rub the tablet over the marks until they start to melt off, you may want to turn the heat up if they arent melting quickly enough.

3. Give it a quick wipe to remove some of the dirt or burn

.4. Continue rubbing the tablet over the iron as in steps 2 and 3 until the iron is as good as new

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