How do I wash a sleepyhead baby pod

A Sleepyhead baby pod, in our opinion, is an essential when having a baby as it is perfect for travel or at home and the baby feels comfortable as it is so breathable, we swear by it.

Unfortunately as with all baby items, the sleepyhead can get really dirty, when your baby can have accidents, be sick and dribble on it so it is useful to learn how to wash a sleepyhead, a replacement cover is nearly £80.

How do I wash a sleepyhead baby pod instructions

1. Strip covers and pop in a 40 degree wash with sensitive detergent

2. Allow to air dry, do not tumble dry as the material is very delicate

3. when re-assembling, make sure you put the mattress part in first at the bottom

4. Put in the side walls

5. Fresh as a Daisy

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